If I have but this one life, 
to be awake and feeling,
to know the ache, longing and limitless edges of my heart
then I would live a life with abandon.

Art by Kate Gillett

I would throw myself against these winds,
to feel their full force through me.
All the pressure, all the flight.

I would trust the ever-full well spring
Always gushing forth.
Remove my clothing
Slip skin in,
And let it love me
         probe me
         kiss me
         be in me.

I would trust the earth
         rising up to greet me.
Believe its gravity that grips ever still,
  In this timeless place
                                                                                               where everything is.

I would trust this fire that burns
         everything clear from its path.
It’s flame licking leaping
         in such wise, and bold        

This fire, that clears the way, and opens…

If I have but this one life,
I would live it awake.


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