Foot Painting and other such delights

Please let us remember to give voice to the Heart. Let us paint with our feet, and make sloppy brightly colored prints on paper and pavement. Let us dance in the cold sprinkle of hose on a hot day. Let us take those chaotic, childish pieces of art and nail them to our walls of pride- with all our trophies, our wisest reflections and academic achievements. Let us give voice to the most far fetched and childish desires of our heart. Let us shout them from one side of the world to another. Let us honour those ridiculous and trivial cravings of our deepest being. let us act out in the face of the world, and remind ourselves and everybody around us that life is in the living, not the having, or the planning, or the appearance of. Life is in the living. And everyday is full of delight.


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