Toilet Rolls

It occurs to me that life is in fact, all about the moments when you find yourself painting ducks made of toilet rolls, bright yellow. That perhaps the running around, the education, the employment, money and status, all fall short of those beautiful, full moments, when the world bursts at the seams, and you paint toilet rolls yellow, because someone you love deserves ducks.

How do you explain it then, all those hours? How expensive can it be, to find these moments? How simple life could be, if only we realised the source of joy, of deep seated happiness, can be found in the humble toilet roll? Not the expensive kind either. It doesn't need to have scented, patterned, quadruple ply toilet paper around it. Recycled, good for the earth, cheap as chips toilet rolls will do the trick. Then there is the yellow paint to afford, but surely this can't cost more than a few dollars. You can paint with your fingers, and multiply your satisfaction whilst removing the cost of the brush.

If toilet rolls are out of reach, I believe this same satisfaction might overflow if instead we painted ourselves into yellow ducks.

Perhaps I knew it all along. The secret to happiness lies in the yellow ducks.


(Ancient wisdom from 2007 dedicated to my lovely Lara who deserved ducks)


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