A dinner date with Loneliness

Tonight, I invite Loneliness to be my dinner companion. He seems to be here anyway, so lets have dinner.

You're a sullen date to be sure. You like to dig up all my dirt, get your claws into every insecurity. You try to turn my friends words against me, malicious gossip that you are.

But I am sure, deep down inside, you are as tender, and as loving, as everything else.

So let's eat. Let's talk. Let's dance. Loneliness, I won't turn against you,nor shut you out. Instead, I give. I give into you, and honour your place, here, with me.

A pull in the gut, a melancholy around the eyes. And space. Space behind the tension. Somewhere cool and dark, like a cave. Loneliness, sweetheart, are you in fact a place to rest my weary, heartsick self, that has loved so many, said goodbye to so many, and been run so close to raw?

Dear Loneliness, are you somewhere to rest, if only I would stop fighting you?


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