In Love

Tonight I am in love with my Thailand life. I slip into silky sea under a near full moon, and its cool grasp reaches up to hold me. In this moment, that will slide so quickly into another, I am content. I have just had a simple but satisfying meal, imbedded in a family that quibbles and continues to exist around me. Their banter fills my meal, and I walk away satisfied. Something in the mix of kindness and arguments, annoyance and peace, but ultimately, ultimately, love.

A day of practice. This practice, that I am learning. One of gentleness, stillness, and self nurture. Today were no great heights of gymnast asana. Today was gentle forward bends, twists to work out the spinal kinks, and sitting. Sitting, sitting, sitting, and allowing the love to flow.

Today I swam. My hands churned through turquoise water. When my mind was present, its watched water drops caught in sunlight, glinting with gold. When it drifted off, it considered the spine stretched and the muscles used to draw the shoulders back. Noticed, it returned to bubbles and blue in front of me. Wandering again it dreamt of a wedding, of my family celebrating my choice in husband, and my fiancé spending time getting to know my family. Caught, it came happily back, and so continued the dance.

There was tea, spiced and delicious, drunk looking through coconut trees to ocean. Sharing conversation. Listening and speaking. Not just with ears, but Heart, and presence. Wading out into a common pool of compassion.

Today, this is how it is. I kiss the moment. Give gratitude for joy and peace visiting. And try, for this is the practice, to graciously close my eyes and release into sleep. Letting the moment slide through my finger tips in order to also fully embrace the next.


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